Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mini Homily: Eucharist

God invites us to the table to eat Jesus, invites us to bite down on grace, invites us to swallow grace and feel it sliding down our esophagus.

God invites every single one of his people to gather at the table and be fed, no matter whether his people smell that day or are tired and distracted or are confused as to why they’re sitting at the table at all. God invites us because he knows that his smelly, tired, confused children need nourishment, and so God invites us to feed on him—to slurp down eternal life that he’s flavored with the juice of grapes.

God teaches us what it’s like to sit together at the table so that we might invite smelly, tired, and confused people to our own kitchen tables. God feeds us so that we might feed others.

God invites us to have supper in the morning, and in so doing, scrambles all of our expectations for eating. God teaches us that unity is nonsensical and beautiful. God teaches us that inclusion is nonsensical and beautiful. God’s guest list includes the lady who wears cat vests, the man who chews like a drunken bear, and the child who cusses in the line at the grocery store. God says: “They are beautiful. They are mine. They are invited to the table.”

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